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At Depth First we approach technology consulting differently, like the sport of free diving, we dive deep below the surface to discover and solve our clients most challenging technology needs.   We have a deep understanding of technology, most languages, most designs whether its a high speed, high throughput back-end system or a fresh and intuitive user interface that captures an audience or drives sales.

What differentiates us is matching the best talent, with the best practices and cutting edge technology to drive successful projects and outcomes for clients.

What makes the best talent?   Its the relentless drive for solving problems, a curiosity for the new or unknown, an ability to harness and leverage existing or emerging systems and frameworks.    Our consultants are continuous learners, coaches and mentors for our team and our clients.   See our blog post about continuous learning.

What drives performance or motivation?   Its a  big question that professional sports teams and top sales organizations experiment with to gain a competitive edge and win.  Our blog post motivation unravels the art of motivation.

We invite you to engage with us to solve the most challenging problems in the industry and find new frontiers of success.

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